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About Lake Placid Horse Drawn Sleigh Rides & Horse Rescue
The farm's philosophies and experience began over 35 years ago on a small Adirondack family ranch in Saranac Lake. Our expertise shows in everything we do. We were the first to develop an orientation lesson and to take safety to higher standards. In fact we know you are only as good as your horses. We don’t lease or sell and when they retire, they retire with us.; after all, we are their family.

What makes us different 

 Unlike our competitors, our management never changes and ideals never waiver. We may have a new name and new location, but over the years our message has remained true and we are the only trail riding stable in Northern NY to practice what we preach.  Supporting Lake Placid Sleigh Rides helps support our efforts to better the lives of horses in need.

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Adirondack Horse Rescue

We developed this company with the horse in mind. Most of our horses have been rescued an/or taken from unfortunate circumstances such as owner surrenders or slaughter auctions. Funded strictly from our own pockets, we rehabilitate these animals, provide them with the necessary nutrition, health care and attention, and depending on the horses' performance we provide them with a permanent home here with us or selectively adopt them out to great, local homes in the area.

Most of our working crew, that consists of a mix of quarter horses, appaloosas, paints and drafts, come from the New Holland Auction Stables, in New Holland, Pa.
This auction is known to be the largest kill auction east of Mississippi. 

By joining us for any of our equine activities or becoming a fan of our facebook page you are supporting our business. This support ensures that these rescued animals will have a good and healthy home, and avoid the gruesome transport to a meat processing plant in Canada or Mexico. These trips are usually very inhumane and many horses arrive dead or crippled to their final destination. We rescue as many as we can, so like us, join us and save a life or two !


We have the horse knowledge and people experience to work with a wide variety of community groups and organizations. Our doors are always open for such programs as the Adirondack Residential Center where troubled youth are given a second chance at learning a better way of life. We enjoy taking extra time out of our day when groups like the Girl Scouts or Universities like Clarkson, arrive for informative riding sessions. Companies such as Pepsi, find that an afternoon of horseback riding is a fruitful course for employee bonding. Our years of experience teaching and training both horses and people allow us reach far beyond our competition. Our mission is to spread love and compassion for these wonderful animals and that begins right here at home in our community.Adirondack Horse Rescue

​Our proficiency and ethical conduct record is impeccable. Before supporting any trail riding establishment, determine the horse condition, long term care arrangements, safety precautions, and experience of the staff.
Our creative summer horse camp programs provides extensive riding and lesson time. Days are filled with horse activities geared toward developing riders into accomplished horseman. Unlike other horse camps we want to ensure that your child will learn the ropes from the ground up, and not simply be left in the saddle, learning on her own.... more...

While visiting the Adirondacks and Lake Placid be sure to include horseback riding for the most memorable of your vacation activities. Its Adirondack wilderness trail riding at its absolute best. Our horses are of high quality, trained professionally, and possess a gentle demeanor. We are the area's largest, Tri-Lakes riding resort. 

Make your fairy tale wedding complete with a horse drawn carriage or sleigh ride to your ceremony and/or reception. We are delighted to work with you to help make your ride special for one of the most important days of your life. Specializing in several types of wedding styles we are willing to accommodate your hopes and dreams for your big day. The driver's attire will match your theme (formal, semi-formal, or casual). 
We have available a two person carriage, an elegant wedding carriage, and a winter only use sleigh. The carriages are drawn by gorgeous, well mannered Morgans. The primary carriage horse used, at weddings and other special occasions, is Tony a beautiful, black, Morgan-Percheron cross​.... more...
The world has a large unwanted horse problem. Many sound and healthy horses that once had a loving family, are ending up at slaughter auctions to be bought for human consumption. What is worse is that many American horses are ending up being shipped in inhumane conditions to places such as Mexico and Canada for processing. Much of the slaughter horse population comes from the racing industry and the average "backyard" breeder. Want to help alleviate some of the issues of the "Unwanted Horse" ?

 Please consider adopting a horse out of a rescue, rather than buying from a breeder. Many performance horses are sold at auctions, and can become the horse of your dreams. If you cannot afford a horse, please keep in mind sponsoring one at an equine rescue or support businesses that support & rescue unwanted horses such as Adirondack Horse Rescue.

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