Do you have questions ? We get them often ! Please review the most commonly asked questions we encounter throughout the season. Not finding your question ? Give us a call at 518.837.1028 or send us an email to inquire further into our horse drawn sleigh rides.

Frequently Asked Questions...
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Q: Does your sleigh ride include dinner or entertainment ?
A: Lake Placid Sleigh Rides is not a part of a resort and operates independently, thus has no ability to offer dinners. Although in close proximity to Main Street, we are located in the recreational part of Lake Placid, with no nearby restaurant access. 

Q: How many people can each group sleigh carry ?
A: A typical group sleigh can carry between 8 to 12 people, usually a mix of adults and children

Q: How many people can each private sleigh carry ?
A: Each private sleigh can carry between 2 to 8 people. There is a different sleigh for couples and a different sleigh for private groups.

Q: Are you associated with any other sleigh ride establishments ?
A: We are not associated with any other horse drawn establishments in the area. We are the only outfit that operates sleigh rides in Lake Placid, NY. At times, in-calling customers confuse some of our information with other websites. Lake Placid Sleigh Rides would like to encourage customers to ensure they have the correct company before making a booking. Our websites are: and

Q:What is the best time of day to go for a sleigh ride ?
A: We recommend daytime sleigh rides as our views are breath taking, which is an opportunity you don't want to miss. The evening sleigh ride have their own appeal, the sleigh is fully lit and if you are lucky, you may even have a starry, moonlit Adirondack sky.

Q: Do we always get to see the scenery ?
A: On cloudy or snowy days, you may not be able to see most of the mountains. Even without the views, the sleigh ride is outstanding. Our staff is very knowledgeable and can keep you entertained, while dashing through the snow !

Q: Why do you serve hot cocoa at the end of the ride ?
A: The reason why we serve hot cocoa at the end of the ride is for safety reasons. Cocoa pours out very hot, and guests may spill it onto themselves as well as the sleigh, which makes the floor very slippery. Not a good, low temperature environment.

Q: What are your rates ?
A: Our rates vary from season to season, and depend on inflation and increasing operational costs. Lake Placid Sleigh Rides is an independent company with an independent, recreational set up that is not affiliated with any resort or restaurant. Due to insurance costs, horse drawn sleigh rides are slowly disappearing throughout the East Coast and are becoming a rare find.

Q: I want to reschedule, is there a fee for rescheduling ?
A: Due to the increasing number of rescheduling inquiries, Lake Placid Sleigh Rides had set a rescheduling fee of $50.00. This fee helps us cover any potential loss of business during your request.

Q: What time do you open ?
A: We are open for sleigh rides starting at 12:00 pm. We do, on occasion open earlier, especially during the Holidays. Any request by a customer to open early, will be denied, unless it is during the holiday period.

Q: Is this activity suitable for young children ?
A: We welcome kids of all ages. However, please keep in mind that Lake Placid, New York is located in a cold climate and precautions should be taken with very young children. We encourage our guests to follow the temperature fluctuations on

Q. What should we wear for the sleigh ride?
A: We suggest for our guests to dress warm, preferably in ski clothes, warm boots, gloves and hats. We do provide blankets, however, the weather often drops to 10 degrees Fahrenheit which can make a 45 minute sleigh ride challenging if guests are dressed inadequately.

Q: What is your privacy policy ?
A: For details, please go to the following link: Privacy Policy

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