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"An Ad'k Sleigh Ride.."
Article featuring The Adirondack Equine Center & The Whiteface Club  in Lake Placid, NY

"The bells on bobtails rang, but it was a two horse open sleigh dashing through the snow at the Whiteface Club & Resort.... "
The following reviews and articles display the timeline of the hardworking individuals of The Adirondack Equine Center & Horse Rescue. We developed this business with the horse in mind. Most of our horses have been rescued an/or taken from unfortunate circumstances such as owner surrenders or slaughter auctions. When you take a ride with us, you assist us in continuing our mission of saving horses from cruelty and neglect.
"Family Fun on a sleigh ride together in Lake Placid.."
A more personal review of our sleigh rides & mission by Diane Chase of

"We plod along at a leisurely pace while Travis and my husband start identifying the Sentinel Range, Cascade, and glimpses of the Adirondack High Peaks while telling trail stories. The rest of us are cuddled under the blankets peacefully being lulled by the rocking of the sleigh. My daughter "knows" Emily is the smaller horse on the right while Danny is on the left. She watches while Travis gently guides the team through a tree-covered path and into the clearing... "
"The Plight of Unwanted Horses.."
An article describing our Horse Rescue efforts written by Eva Mizer.

" While the average family with household pets such as cats and dogs are not very expensive to care for, horse owners have been hit hard by the recession. The cost of keeping a horse, roughly $2,300 a year, has become more of a burden to owners due to the rising cost of hay, medical care, and other expenses. When this burden becomes more than a family can handle, they are faced with some very difficult choices...."
"Equine Emergence.."
Article featuring the opening & mission of The Adirondack Equine Center at the historic Lake Placid Club in 2010.

"That's from the days of yore when riders wore swords, usually on their left hip. It prevents the sword from hitting the horse as the rider mounts...."

"Hoofbeats in the Chasm.."
Article featuring the opening & mission of The Adirondack Equine Center at Ausable Chasm, NY in 2008.

"The Equine Center at Ausable Chasm is the newest attraction at one of the region's most popular destinations..."
"Adirondack Reprieve"
2012 Article featuring The Adirondack Equine Center & Horse Rescue and our efforts to improve the lives of horses, everyday.

" A cool, late August breeze, blew through the grounds of Nordic Complex at Mt. Van Hoevenberg as Natalia and Travis deValinger worked to saddle up the rank and file who anxiously waited to experience the region's beauty on horseback.... "

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