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About our NY Horse Drawn Sleighs & Horses...
The Carriage Luxury Sleigh

The Carriage Luxury Sleigh is used for private groups. It is American made, fiberglass with vinyl, forward facing seating. This sleigh can accommodate up to 9 guests. All sleighs have thick blankets to keep everyone warm ! All equipment is regularly updated and replaced in accordance to state regulations.

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The Colorado Pioneer Sleigh

The Colorado Pioneer Sleigh is used for our group sleigh rides.  It is an American made, recreational sleigh that is equipped with shocks and it sits up much higher than the average Currier & Ives. The Colorado Pioneers are very common in the Western states such as Colorado. All sleighs have thick blankets. to keep everyone warm ! All equipment is regularly updated and replaced in accordance to state regulations.

The Currier & Ives Sleigh

The Currier & Ives Sleigh is used for our couple private sleigh rides.  It is a US made , single sleigh equipped with plush green seats. The Currier is pulled by a single Clydesdale. All sleighs have thick blankets to keep everyone warm ! All equipment is regularly updated and replaced in accordance to state regulations.

The Lake Placid Clydesdales

Danny & Emily are originally from Canada, and both are a registered pair of Clydesdale Horses. They pull single, private sleighs and are a joy to work with. Emily & Danny are both friendly enough to allow our guests to be a part of their photo shoot of their memorable, romantic sleigh rides. A little bit of history: The Clydesdale was originally used for agriculture, hauling coal in Lanarkshire and heavy hauling in Glasgow. Height 17.2 hands. Weight: 1700 lbs

 Today, Clydesdales are still used for draught purposes, including agriculture, logging and driving. They are also shown and ridden, as well as kept for pleasure. Some of the most famous members of the breed are the teams that make up the hitches of the Budweiser Clydesdales. These horses were first owned by the Budweiser Brewery at the end of Prohibition in the United States, and have since become an international symbol of both the breed and the brand. 

The Budweiser breeding program, with its strict standards of colour and conformation, have influenced the look of the breed in the United States to the point that many people believe that Clydesdales are always bay with white markings. As well as being driven, some Clydesdales are used for riding and can be shown under saddle.

The Belgians of Lake Placid

Our powerful teams of Belgians pull larger sleighs. Belgians are known for their power and willingness to work with their teamsters. Jeff & Grant, Bobby & Kenny are your hosts, and weigh between 1700 lbs to 1980 lbs. Belgians are very mild in nature, while at times stubborn, they quickly understand a trainer's body language and accommodate requested cues from instruction. 

A little bit of history:  The Belgian is a draft horse breed from the Brabant region of modern Belgium.
Until the 1940s, the Belgian and the Brabant were essentially the same breed. Following World War II, the Brabant in Europe was selectively bred to be thicker bodied and heavier, while in the United States the Belgian was bred to be somewhat taller and lighter bodied.

Belgian horses are able to pull tremendous weights. At the National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colorado, a team of two horses in the Heavyweight class pulled 17,000 pounds a distance of 7 ft 2 in (7,700 kg a distance of 2.18 m). The team of Belgians weighed 4,800 pounds (2,200 kg). At the Iowa State fair, the heavyweight champions in the pulling contest pulled 14,600 pounds the complete distance of 15 ft (6,690 kg, 4.6 m). The team consisted of one Belgian and one Percheron and weighed 3,600 pounds (1,600 kg)

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